Appliance MaintenanceCustomer satisfaction is central to our success. Each and every day we make sure that our customers are fully satisfied with the work that we have done. We do this first and foremost through our employees. Each of our appliance repair experts are fully trained in repairing practically every major appliance by all of the biggest manufacturers. Beyond that we make sure that they work with the utmost professionalism and politeness. From there our website has a thorough customers satisfaction survey to better understand each individual customer experience.

Of course we were getting rave reviews before the Web. The bulk of our business is built on word of mouth. Customers that go back generations and our reputation which has been exceptional the whole time. That kind of word of the mouth travels a little faster these days thanks to the Internet but the cornerstone of our customer service remains dedicated personal attention.

From the time you call us until your washing machine, oven, or refrigerator is fixed. We encourage followup from all of our customers because it means that we can always improve and better serve the Nassau County area.

Bosch DishwasherA dishwasher can be an incredibly helpful appliance to add to your kitchen’s arsenal. While the biggest and best appliance manufacturers have not yet invented a dishwasher that can load and unload itself the benefits of having one are many. Even with the light level of pre-rinsing that is vital to your dishwasher’s effectiveness they can save you time and the kind of rough dishpan hands people spent years trying to shake.

Still, some find themselves complaining about that brief period of rinsing. Perhaps the issue is that people do not know how far their efforts to rinse of plates and silverware should go prior to washing. The fact is a brief rinse can go a long way in ensuring that pieces of food do not much up the gears that allow your dishwasher to run. Still there are other factors that contribute to your dishwasher functioning properly. Namely, overloading the machine can make the work of the dishwasher ineffective.

If you feel your rinsing and loading are both on point but your dishwasher continues to give you issues we can help. Our dishwasher repair experts have experience with every major brand of dishwasher. Even better, we have the replacement parts needed for a quick and painless repair.

Thermador StoveThermador has always been one of the leading manufacturers of stoves, ovens, and other kitchen appliances in the world. The company has rarely rested on its enviable laurels either. Recently via a press release the manufacturer highlighted new stove models that will vastly improve the world of indoor grilling with its new Professional Grill feature. These grill-tops might just improve your culinary offerings and take barbecue style grilling out of the backyard and into the kitchen.

As innovations like these grills are introduced our staff pays close attention. That is because our expertise in Thermador stove repair is one of our most sought after services. Each day residents across the Nassau County area contact us to handle the maintenance and repair of these luxury stoves and ovens, each day we make good and ensuring the appliances function properly and improving performance.

We are eager to incorporate repairing these grill accessories into our collective repertoire of skills. If you are having a problem that requires the attention of a Thermador appliance repair specialist give our staff a call today, (516)997-5599!

Stove RepairMany of us use our stoves and ovens practically every day. The frequency with which we use the oven or stove can give us a pretty cavalier attitude about the appliance. While having confidence in your stove and your ability use it are okay you should also be aware of the safety risks posed by it. To improve that awareness we suggest an oven safety check before each use.

If you do each of these things every time you use your oven you will be safer and, more importantly, more aware:

  • Check for Gas: If you have a gas stove the risk of leaks is an important consideration. Be sure to be incredibly aware of any odors that might be gas. If you find a leak call for oven repair immediately.
  • Make Sure Nothing Is In the Oven: Ovens should never be used for storage. Just in case, check inside the oven before you start preheating.
  • Check for Debris On the Stove Top: As the oven heats up food particles and grease on the stove can heat up and cause small fires or hazards that may burn you.
  • Position the Oven Rack: Getting the oven rack in the right position will help avoid burns later in the cooking process.

Dryer RepairsEmptying the lint trap is one of the easiest things you can do to make your dryer more efficient. As the lint trap fills up the dryer becomes less able to properly vent air and the entire process of drying your clothes slows significantly. By cleaning the filter every time you use the dryer you will keep things humming along perfectly, you will also make things much safer.

Dryer fires are responsible for thousands of house fires a year. That small fire can become exacerbated quickly and rage out of control. Suddenly major property damage and the risk of physical harm are very real risks. The lint collected in the filter is highly combustible. When combined with the heat being generated by your dryer thing can escalate very quickly. All of this can be avoided if you simply clear the lint with some regularity.

If you suspect that your dryer’s lint filter is not working effectively it should be a cause for immediate action. Our washer dryer repair experts can surely identify the issue and make repairs to ensure thing run smoothly and safely once again.

Viking Stove RepairInvesting in high quality home appliances, like those made by Viking, is an investment that should pay off in appliances that last well beyond cheaper models. That said certain variables, from acts of God to human error, are risks for appliances no matter how well made. This is why our reputation for Viking appliance repair expertise is so vital to so many Nassau County residents.

Our staff is accustomed to doing work on appliances from every major manufacturer in the appliance industry. When it comes to top of the line models from companies like Viking our expertise is just a little deeper. This is in large part due to our being brand authorized professionals for that particular manufacturer. That means that we get special accreditation directly from the folks at Viking which gives us easy access to parts as well as training.

Having invested in one of these durable appliances we need not sell you on the quality of Viking products. Instead we can simply arrive and quickly and efficiently manage your stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, or dishwasher repair and let you get back to using these great machines!

Washer-Dryer RepairsMost appliances come with their fair share of safety concerns. Whether you are worried about electrical fires or toxic gas leaks each and every major appliance in your home has its fair share of possible trouble. Luckily if you consider those issues and make considerations towards avoiding them you can generally keep your home, yourself, and your family safe.

The first step when it comes to ensuring your appliances are safe is to install them precisely as instructed. While some people avoid reading the directions that come with an appliance at all costs you would be wise to consult with them not only for the installation process but for daily use as well. Not following these instructions can be dangerous and it can also negate any warranties associated with these expensive appliances. This is a reason that those averse to reading and following instructions might consider professional installation services.

One of the benefits of our Nassau County appliance repair experts is if an improper installation is creating issues with your appliance we can identify and fix the issue.

Frigidaire RepairWorried that your refrigerator just is not working as efficiently or effectively as it once did. While our Nassau County refrigerator repair experts would love to help there may be a solution you could do on your own.

Home owners with pets have likely noticed that their pets hair and dander end up generating what seems like extra dust around the house. There is a really good chance that all of that dander, hair, and dust has made its way to the coils around the back of your refrigerator. By cleaning that out you will help to unlock the full power of your fridge.

Of course that kind of maintenance is not limited to pet owners. Dust can collect in the back of your fridge and slow down its effectiveness no matter what your situation. This is why regularly cleaning that area behind your fridge and keeping the overall dust buildup in your kitchen to a minimum is so important.

Those coils help move heat generated from running the refrigerator away. Once you have removed all of that dust, vacuuming is a good method, the refrigerator will be able to run much more efficiently. If problems persist our experts in Viking, Samsung, Frigidaire, and GE refrigerator repair, among other brands, are waiting to help!

GE Fridge RepairShopping for new appliances is a daunting task. With price tags that extend far above the thousand dollar mark your basic household appliances are pricier than ever. Once you finally bring your new fridge, stove, or other appliance home there is rarely a warranty that covers everything that could go wrong. That is, if you can get the appliance there at all.

A search on the Web for images of people transporting appliances will reveal a world of stupidity. It is almost enough to make you tie your loyalties to the expert Nassau County appliance repairs offered by American Repair Service for life. The risks posed by carrying, strapping, or otherwise moving an appliance from the store to your home is just too absurd.

The good news is American Repair Service can make even some fairly ancient appliances run for a while longer. We have been extending the life of all of the biggest brands of appliances for several decades. Whether you are on the look out for GE refrigerator repair, Viking stove repair, or any other variation you can think of, we can help. Skip the trip to appliance store and give us a call, (516)997-5599!

Bosch Appliance RepairWith a record of dishwasher repair that is absolutely unmatched in the Nassau County area we have done our fair share of troubleshooting these appliances. Each time we go to inspect a dishwasher there are a few methods for troubleshooting that we try out first. In an effort to help customers we thought we would share some of these with you:

  • Check Fuses and Circuit Breakers: With any electrical appliance this is the first step. Fuses and circuit breakers malfunction all the time and can be easily fixed!
  • Inspect Wiring: Are wires connected to the dishwasher eroded in one way or another. The ravages of time or a mouse with the munchies can cause damage.
  • Check Out the Door Latch: The door latch is one of the most common issues requiring dishwasher repair. Slamming the door over time can lead to damage. Check that out next.
  • Look for Blockages: The motor and the pump of even the highest end dishwashers have been known to have blockages. These can be snaked out in many cases.

If none of these easy fixes help then chances are you’ll need some expertise. Luckily our staff are ready to help. Give us a call today, (516)997-5599!