Appliance SafetyWhen we emphasize the importance of appliance repair the focus is often on convenience. Why wait on washer dryer repair when it can be so quick and you can get back to your regular laundry routine?

Of course there are larger concerns when it comes to some repairs. A recent study conducted in the UK found that clothes dryers were responsible for 12,000 fires in that country between January of 2011 and March of 2014. The appliances accounted for 14% of the fires caused by appliances over the period. Other appliances that caused their fair share of fires were dishwashers(11%), cookers(9%), and refrigerators(7%).

Many of the fires caused by all of these appliances could have been avoided with more proactive repairs and maintenance. In the United States each year there are 9,600 fires caused by or involving household appliances according to the U.S. Fire Administration. It seems that as appliances have become more advanced they have also become more prone to circuitry issues and other malfunctions. This is why any sign that an appliance is running less than optimally is a call for an appliance repair service.

If you have noticed some issues with one of your household appliances do not hesitate to reach out to American Repair Service. We can be reached seven days a week at (516)997-5599.

As Nassau County’s most trusted refrigerator repair experts we try and keep up with all of the latest news and trends in our industry. With technology embedding itself deeper and deeper into our lives every day begins with a wash of fresh information regarding the ever expanding world of home appliances.

Many of these articles that come across our desktops are about intuitive designs. Sometimes a dishwasher manufactured by the folks at Asko is adding a digital interface. Every now and again there is a massive recall of some washer or dryer that costs a manufacturer millions. Rarely are these news stories anything that people out of our industry would describe as “fun.”

So, you could probably have heard our giggles from across the entirety of Nassau County when last week’s big appliance news broke. In fact it was difficult for us to even hold out sharing it for our usual Monday blog post schedule but we somehow held back. Now we are thrilled to share a video of this amazing new refrigerator!

Finally nearly 40 years after the film Star Wars was released we have a functional R2D2 refrigerator. While we are not wishing ill on any Nassau County residents who might order one of these we would be very excited to take the call if one ever needs repairing, (516)997-5599!

Bosch Appliance RepairBosch has been building and innovating appliances for more than 100 years and the company shows no signs of slowing down. In and around Nassau County you can often see the familiar Bosch logo adorning refrigerators, dishwashers, and more. The reason people gravitate to these appliances is no mystery. Bosch’s decades of work reminds customers that the appliances are durable and reliable and the company’s unshakable commitment to innovation is apparent in everything they make.

A sign of that continued innovative spirit is a program started by the company based on the popular television show Shark Tank. The company runs its Shark Tank contest as a way to motivate employees to create incredible new features for its appliances. This openness encourages incredible work which ensures Bosch never falls behind even its biggest competition. It also gives our Bosch repair experts a lot of interesting new features to keep up with.

Bosch’s striving for better products is inspiring. As a result our staff is continually training and developing new skills to guarantee great work across the whole line of fantastic Bosch appliances!

Bosch Appliance RepairEvery now and then we get called in for a dishwasher repair job. Upon arriving our client explains that things are not running so smoothly. Dishes are being washed inconsistently, items remain smeared with grease and grime, a general sense that the dishwasher is simply not doing its job has crept in. This happens on every kind of dishwasher, from budget models to the best appliance Bosch has to offer.

Often these service calls could be avoided with some efforts being put into cleaning elements of the dishwasher that often go unnoticed. Here are some measures to take:

  • Unclog the Spray Arms: In most models the spray arms are easy to remove. Grime gets inside of these elements from food particles and soap and can often clog them up. Using a steel wire clear out the arm.
  • Soak the Spray Arms: White vinegar can help break down anything you and your steel wire couldn’t get out.
  • Scrub Down the Dishwasher: Scrubbing down the dishwasher can seem redundant but often soap and other elements dry in and around the appliance. A good scrub down can help stop debris from being rattled in the washing process.
  • Scrub the Seals and Door: Using a toothbrush you should scrub the door and the seals around the door. A lot of junk can end up here and can hinder your dishwasher’s functionality.

If you have taken all of these measures and dishes still seem gross give us a call! Our dishwasher repair team can be over and troubleshooting the issue today!

Viking Grill RepairIf your Memorial Day barbecue was a success there is a solid chance you and your guests devoured every last thing in site. Then again there is a possibility that you have a hefty selection of leftovers. Another night of eating out under the stars might be in order.

For a lot of people that means taking the food and reheating it in the oven but you could keep the cooking and the eating outside. Reheating on the grill can offer all of your food the smokey taste that everyone loves from their grill.

Of course it is vital that everything is still working with your barbecue. The heavy use of Memorial Day weekend can leave even the most high end grills from the likes of Lynx and Viking with some wear and tear. Luckily our barbecue repair experts can swing by and make sure everything is on the up and up. Give us a call, (516)997-5599, and happy grilling!

Grill RecipesFiring up the grill for burgers, hot dogs, and so many other staples remains a tradition that we love to get behind. It’s no surprise why considering these foods are delicious, fun, and easy to make. With the spring finally sprung and summer on the way though now is a good time to consider other more creative options to spice things up.

We here at American Repair Service are barbecue repair experts, but we are also barbecue enthusiasts. Here is a few ideas we found inspired, unlikely, and fun(aka “Funlikely”):

  • Pizza: Cooking pizza on the grill is satisfyingly delicious and also more affordable than the local pizzeria.
  • Romaine: Romaine lettuce is often hard to get excited about but on the grill it takes on a smokey wilted flavor that’s very unique. Through it in a salad and add some fetta, that will melt with the romaine’s heat, for good measure.
  • Pound Cake: Smear some cream cheese between to pieces of pound cake and start grilling. In the end a dollop of whip cream and some fruit can make for a stellar dessert.
  • Pineapple: Speaking of fruit, Grilled pineapple can be an incredible snack, a delicious addition to ice cream, or a stellar burger topping.

Boy, all this grill maintenance is making us hungry!

Ice Maker MaintenanceHow is your ice maker functioning?

Whether it is built into your refrigerator or a separate unit the season for a fully functional ice maker is just about upon us. Thus far the month of May is about 8 degrees higher than the average of temperatures since such numbers were tracked. This suggests we have a hotter than average summer on its way and we’ll all need as many frosty beverages as possible.

If you are noticing a build up of ice inside an ice maker or in your freezer there is likely an issue. Our experts can perform a speedy ice maker repair and get things working like new again. Even better, we can also ensure that the appliance is working as efficiently as possible.

For many of us the very idea of an ice maker seems like a luxury. That can make us put off necessary repairs for days, weeks, and eventually months. That lag time can exacerbate issues and even put the appliances out of commission for good.

Refrigerator MaintenanceMother’s Day is coming up and you are likely racking your brain for a thoughtful gift. Truth is Mom would probably love anything you get her but gestures speak louder than words. On top of that you can do something nice, active, and entirely practical for the woman who did so much for you.

This Mother’s Day why not clean Mom’s refrigerator. Our refrigerator repair experts recommend a thorough cleaning to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. In fact by just cleaning the coils in the back of your mother’s refrigerator you can improve efficiency and ensure the proper temperature in the appliance.

Refrigerator maintenance is not something many folks think about. The fridge it is assumed just works until it doesn’t anymore. In fact there are things you can do for your refrigerator(and your mom’s refrigerator) that can improve efficiency and increase the refrigerator’s lifespan. Cleaning those coils is a great step in the right direction and a perfect little favor that your mom would definitely appreciate.

But don’t forget the card!

Saving EnergyThis week we published a helpful guide to keeping your refrigerator running efficiently for a longer time. (You can check it out here!) While the cause at the heart of that page was to help save customers money and avoid unnecessary refrigerator repair, it is a happy coincidence its publishing would come so close to Earth Day.

On Earth Day businesses, media, and politicians try and highlight ways that we can reduce our energy expenditure to help preserve the environment and natural resources. Ensuring that your refrigerator and other appliances are using the least energy possible is good for your wallet and it is also good for the environment!

A look around this very blog will help you find tips on being more energy efficient with all of your appliances. While the appliance industry has made a concerted effort to offer energy saving appliances in a variety of guises you can start to make changes even with older units. Look around here and other sites for the ways that you can help the environment without severely altering your lifestyle. If you have any questions or concerns about any appliances in the Nassau County area give us a call, (516)997-5599.

Viking Barbecue RepairWith the spring setting in, finally, and summer just around the corner you might already be barbecuing as you read this. (Keep your eye on the clock, don’t want to char those hot dogs.) Still, it is always worth highlighting the importance of safety when it comes to cooking, possibly even more so when the elements and nearby playing children are a concern.

While our experts can help you with barbecue repair and grill maintenance we cannot ensure that you are safe. So we thought would offer you a list of important safety reminders:

  • Own a Fire Extinguisher?: Should your flames lose control a fire extinguisher is the quickest and safest way to get a fire under control. If you do not have one get one!
  • Be Mindful of Bacteria: Food is a magnet for bacteria. Any temperature above freezing and before 165 degrees is a breeding ground for the stuff. Keep food refrigerated until you are ready to cook!
  • Smoke: Be careful with smoke. Do not stand directly downwind of the stuff. Even more importantly be sure to keep younger kids and babies away from the stuff entirely.
  • Read the Manual: We understand, this is no fun. However, reading your barbecue’s manual is the most surefire way to troubleshoot issues that might come along and to ensure it’s safest possible use.
  • Check the Gas: Before using your grill check to make sure the gas is connected properly and there is nothing blocking the clear passage of gas to your grill. Do not assume things are fine “because they were yesterday.” A strong breeze, a wily rodent, or any number of other factors could have changed the situation.

For more information on grill maintenance and barbecue repair check out our website. You can also call us if you have questions or need a repair in Nassau County at any time,