Refrigerator RepairsAfter spending weeks, maybe even months, highlighting the importance of getting your stove repair, refrigerator repair, and a number of other appliances repaired in advance of the holidays the big day is almost here. Besides wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays in general we now want to shift our focus a bit. With appliances being used more than usual there is a good chance next week will call for some much needed maintenance. We will be here, ready to help, through the new year and the year after.

Entertaining guests puts all of your home appliances at risk. New hands unfamiliar with the specifics of your oven or fridge could easily do something to make either work less than optimally. House guests staying over during the holidays could compromise your washer-dryer set. Washer-dryer repair will not be far behind. It is understandable and yet still completely frustrating.

Do not let the need for those repairs become another stress on an already stressful season. Rely on our staff at American Repair Service and we will be here to get things working in tip-top shape once again!

Refrigerator Repair

‘Tis the Season!

As we get taken up in the seasonal holiday rush it can be very easy to forget certain party necessities before you entertain. With temperatures dropping your ice maker in particular has likely gone underused in the last few weeks. When guests arrive however the pouring of cocktails will commence and pretty soon a few ice cube trays will not be enough.

This holiday season we are encouraging customers to get their ice maker repair in early. Whether you have an individual unit or one attached to your refrigerator now is the time to see if there is any maintenance that needs to be done.

If getting the ice maker repaired feels like a drag just remember all the excellent holiday cocktails you can experiment with. A festive sangria is a great variation that requires ice to be its absolute best. There is also a variety of beverages with festive holiday coloring and peppermint flavors. Each drink is a great way to impress guests and make the holidays a little more loose and festive.

In each case a functional ice maker will be necessary so research some recipes and make sure all of your appliances are in working order before your Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s parties.

Holiday PreparednessThose of us who do not often cook might be a little surprised to find just how unprepared our ovens and stoves are to handle food prep for a family of holiday revelers. For a lot of us that haunting realization came right before Thanksgiving causing a panicked call for oven or stove repair. If you managed to dodge that experience during Thanksgiving you will want to handle any necessary oven maintenance before it is too late.

With the holiday season in full post-Thanksgiving swing we have an opportunity to try and avoid some surprises for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s and beyond. One of the best things to do is test your oven’s temperature. If the oven is not heating to the temperature you dial in there are fixes that appliance repair experts can employ. Ignoring the possibility of such an issue is something you are very likely to regret. To check your oven temperature you can get a thermometer. If you are suspicious already and don’t have a thermometer American Repair Service can make a service call to your home to check.

Do not let your oven maintenance get the best of you this holiday season. Get things in working order before it is too late.


Stove MaintenanceAs the holidays approach many of us create lists of things we want. Perhaps the family is looking to pool their money together and get you some new home appliance you have always dreamed of. One thing to consider is whether the money might be better spent elsewhere. Sure your oven or refrigerator might have seen better days but if the new appliance is not a distinct upgrade you should question whether the move is necessary.

As the foremost Nassau County appliance repair experts we have spent decades getting the most out of appliances of all kinds. For some items you need only get a little professional maintenance to get another several years out of a barbecue, washing machine, or other home appliance. The results can save a big ticket Christmas gift for something you want as apposed to something that you simply need.

The best appliances on the market can go for hundreds of dollars or more. Instead of a new refrigerator you can hire our affordable refrigerator repair service and turn that money into an incredible vacation. That new oven could instead be a brand new couch. The important thing is assessing your ability to get more time out of the appliances you already have.

Stove RepairsWith our expertise on oven maintenance we have also picked up along the way some tips for being more efficient in the kitchen. Energy efficiency is not just about saving small amounts of money on monthly bills and the environment. The most energy efficient methods for prepping food this Thanksgiving can be great for moving food preparation along faster and avoiding over or under cooking the meal.

Here are some tips beyond stove repairs that can help things be more efficient:

  • Don’t Peek: If you keep popping open your oven door to check on the turkey or other dish’s progress cooking will take longer. Settle on the best cooking time and do not check in until you have hit it.
  • Clean Your Burners: Grime and dirt can reduce the effectiveness of your burners. Clean them before heavy usage to assure they aren’t working harder than they need to.
  • Lower the Furnace: Your home’s heating is likely your biggest energy cost this time of year. While you are in the midst of large meal prep you can likely turn the thermostat down a bit and rely on the oven heat to warm the kitchen.
  • Smaller Appliances: Items like crock pots, microwaves, and toaster ovens are energy efficient and often go unused for large scale meal prep. Instead of putting everything in the oven figure out ways you can employ your whole arsenal of kitchen devices!

If you are worried about the efficiency of your stove or any other appliance in your home give us a call, (516)997-5599.

GE Washer-Dryer RepairAs the temperature drops it seems like we need way more clothes. Suddenly those two loads of laundry a week become four. The clothes you are washing become heavier too once swimsuit weather is behind us. It makes sense then that washer-dryer sets might be feeling a little more taxed than usual. It also makes sense that at some point you might need to consider calling in some washer-dryer repairs.

There are a variety of problems that can arise with your washing machine and your clothes dryer. These complex machines have more moving parts than your average household appliance. They also require gas and plumbing connections. With all of that going on it can be difficult to keep your washer dryer in working order during periods of heavy use.

Luckily our staff at American Repair Service has experience with every major brand of washing machines and dryers. Whether you require GE, Miele, Samsung, Electrolux, LG, or Whirlpool washer-dryer repair we can handle it. Our staff are fully equipped with parts and tools that are required for any malfunction that can happen with your washer-dryer. Just give us a call, (516)997-5599!

Fridge RepairsWhile we have spent much of October hyping up the importance of oven maintenance it is not the only appliance that could use some pre-holiday maintenance. Necessary refrigerator repairs can also go a long way towards preserving your Thanksgiving dinner. As with ovens each year our calls for refrigerator repairs go up around the holidays. As the day draws near the fridge is loaded with a wealth of groceries and for one reason or another it doesn’t work.

To make sure your fridge is running properly use a thermometer to test the temperature. Does it match the gauge that you have set? Check the freezer as well. If these numbers are off there is something wrong with your fridge. Any attempt to put off the maintenance and repair of your fridge could further exacerbate the problem.

You can avoid all of that stress by making sure your fridge is working its best right now. Our refrigeration repair experts can identify a lot of problems before they occur. Issues like inaccurate temperatures or a malfunctioning ice maker can be fixed quickly and allow for an optimal fridge for the holiday. It will serve you well once you are trying to preserve all of those leftovers!

Oven MaintenanceOver the past week or so we have been highlighting the importance of getting your ovens and stoves looked at prior to the busy, and culinarily taxing, holiday season. While it’s nice to know that many people are heeding our advice and calling in for stove repairs or merely to check on the appliances, we thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the potential problems that could throw a wrench into your holiday plans:

  • Oven Temperature: An accurate oven temperature is vital to safe cooking. This is especially pronounced when poultry is involved. To check the oven temperature you will need an oven thermometer. Our experts can do a quick test and can recalibrate the temperature fast. It is the kind of oven repair that can make or break the holidays.
  • Malfunctioning Burners: The variety of potential problems with the burners on your stove top can be staggering. Switches and electric stove elements can break or burnout on electric stoves. Meanwhile gas stove tops can lose connection with the gas source or the igniter. In each case individual elements will need to be replaced.
  • Gas Leak: A gas leak is one of the most dangerous things that can occur with a home’s oven. It is also one of the most common. Luckily our appliance repair experts can come in and identify not just a leak itself but the risk of one!

GE Oven RepairThese days advertisers seem to rush the holidays along faster than you can see “Season’s Greetings!” It just might be that, in some cases at least, there is a method to this considered corporate madness. Take us for example. Each year we get a huge surge of calls to look into various Nassau County oven repairs just before the biggest feast of the year, Thanksgiving. In far too many of these cases the issues could have been adjusted months earlier.

Luckily our staff tends to have a variety of parts for most of the most popular brands of ovens and stoves in the industry at the ready. As a result GE, KitchenAid, Samsung, Viking, and Thermador oven repairs can be performed efficiently to keep the holidays on track. That said, it would be better for the stress levels of everyone playing host to their families Turkey Day feast if the repairs were made a month or so in advance.

Which brings us to today, just another day in October. The clocks have yet to be turned back, many leaves remain green, you might not even know what you want to be for Halloween, but now would be a good time to make sure your oven is getting sufficiently warm and your stove top burners are effectively working. If they aren’t we can get you back in working order in no time. Before it becomes an emergency.

Lynx Barbecue RepairWith the summer winding down pretty soon you’ll want to make sure you barbecue is safely stashed for the harsh winter weather. Then again maybe you are one of the bold Nassau County residents who continues to use their barbecue through even the coldest months. Either way there are steps you can take to preserve your barbecue and avoid the kind of pricey barbecue repairs that occasionally pop up when a grill is left out during the harsh winter.

Here is a great list of tips for making your barbecue last during the next several months:

  • Clean and Coat Essential Parts: Clean your barbecue’s parts thoroughly before storage. Once that is done coat the burners and the grill top with vegetable shortening before wiping dry. This will help you avoid rust.
  • Wrap Burners and Openings In Plastic: Avoid bugs making your barbecue into a home by wrapping openings and the gas line with plastic wrap or plastic bags.
  • Detach Propane: Detaching your propane is a good way to avoid fires but also great for saving gas for next year.
  • Read the Manual: Chances are your grill has specific storage recommendations, especially higher end models. Follow those instructions to avoid potentially very expensive Viking barbecue repair or repair for other high end brands.

If you do need some barbecue maintenance before the winter we are here to help!