Ice Maker RepairIce is the one ingredient that is used across the board in almost every cocktail you can think of. To have a home bar without an ice maker then seems not just misguided but downright foolish. To properly prepare drinks for guests or just for yourself you will need ice, and a lot of it. This is why in spite of ice makers being standard on a variety of refrigerator brands some folks still insist on a separate ice maker for their home bar.

For cocktails ice is used as a coolant first but that is just its initial task. As the ice melts it becomes a fundamental part of the beverage in both positive and negative ways. Some aesthete connoisseurs even suggest that without the splash of water provided by ice your glass of scotch is simply not being enjoyed properly.

With more and more Nassau County residents excited to add a bar to their homes our ice maker repair service is more important than ever. Our expertise across the board for all of the top ice maker brands makes us the most trusted experts when it comes to Nassau County ice maker repairs. If your home bar is short on ice due to a faulty ice maker give us a call!

Miele Dishwasher RepairOur employees are trained experts ready for any kind of Miele dishwasher repair you can throw at them. In fact our experts can repair pretty much any of the best dishwasher brands on the market. That said, we are always looking for ways to help our customers to more effectively use all of their home appliances. To that end we thought we would offer a few tips on ensuring your dishwasher runs smoother, beyond just calling us for a Nassau County dishwasher repair:

  • Size Up Your Dishes and Utensils: Many people find their dishwashers ineffective until they discover that a large tray or even a spatula left standing can block the sprayer arm of your dishwasher. Be sure to line everything up in a way that allows water to move around the machine.
  • Check the Filter: The filter of your dishwasher should be cleared regularly. Do not let food clog things up.
  • Water Temperature: Does your kitchen sink take some time to heat up? Run the faucet for a bit to ensure you are getting warm water into your dishwasher.
  • Use Appropriate Amount of Detergent: Too much detergent is not a good thing. It can leave a residue on your dishes and utensils. Adjust the level accordingly.

Thermador Oven RepairWhen using your oven it is important to keep an eye out for issues. While every kitchen appliance offers its share of potential dangers(electrical for example) the stove and oven can become particularly dangerous. Thanks to a combination of electric and/or gas these appliances can become like ticking time bombs in our homes. Of course, the right maintenance, safe operating, and a watchful eye, can keep you and everyone in your home safe.

Proper Installation should occur at the beginning of your oven’s life. Still if it seems the oven is moving more than it should measures should be taken to properly re-install. Even a small movement of your oven can release noxious and flammable gas. If issues seem to be occurring one of our experts can check this out as part of a Thermador oven repair. In fact our experts have a working knowledge of practically every major oven brand.

If you smell gas you should remove your family from the home immediately. This might not merely be an installation problem, it might in fact be a mechanical failure. We can perform a quick and safe Nassau County oven repair to ensure things go smoothly and everyone is safe.

Whirlpool Refrigerator RepairWhen it comes to Nassau County refrigerator repair there is simply no better option than American Repair Service. Every day we are making house calls assuring that the refrigerators of Long Island are operating optimally. Of course, cleaning your refrigerator, a good way to assure that the unit is working to the best of its ability is your job.

While some Whirlpool refrigerator repair, as well as that of other brands, can assure that there is nothing mechanically wrong with the unit, cleaning can help too. There’s a good chance that the food you worry has gone bad is merely past its prime. Cleaning it out can help you and your family guarantee a problem is mechanical and not just a long ignored expiration date.

Do not merely appraise the contents of your refrigerator. Instead pull everything off of the shelves. You would be amazed at how often there is something old hiding underneath some fresh produce. Once you have done that scrub down the interior with a heavy duty cleaner. Pull out drawers and wash them inside the kitchen sink.

Once you have cleaned your refrigerator thoroughly everything should work perfectly. If you notice smells, noises, or other issues it is likely a great time to call in the expertise of a Nassau County refrigerator repair expert.

Thermador Ice MakersAnyone with an ice maker as part of their home bar setup knows, ice is an integral part of any and all cocktails. That is why Nassau County ice maker repair has become such a vital part of our business, especially during barbecue and pool party season. Without the proper ration of ice cocktails cannot live up to their full flavor potential.

Whether you are getting ice from a Whirlpool ice maker or simply using the refrigerator’s attached ice maker there are some things you should know about ice and making cocktails:

  • Ice Is Fundamental: A cocktail is made up of four primary elements; liquid, glassware, garnish, and ice. Each of these elements play a primary role in how the drink is served and imbibed.
  • Good Ice: The quality of your ice will vary based on its purpose. Sometimes a few cubes(or rocks) is all a drink needs, other times there needs to be crushed ice to give a drink that slushy feel, still other times ice will merely be used to “chill” a beverage.
  • Fancier Ice: Some fancier bars get their ice from sculptors who hand carve the ice. This is serious.
  • Whiskey Stones: Some folks aiming to avoid diluting their beverages will use whiskey stones, basically stones stored in the freezer that will not melt. Many respected folks with astute whiskey pallets will actually suggest that a splash of water or water from ice is necessary to opening up the flavor of a whiskey.

So it turns out there might be more to ice than any of us thought!

Whirlpool Ice MakerA home should never be without ice. Not only is ice a vital necessity for frosty cool drinks for summers spent lounging in the yard or by the pool, it can also be a vital medical supply to bring down swelling. It is a lucky break then that we all have the modern luxury of enjoying ice makers.

Gone are the days where you have to rely on yourself or someone in your household filling up ice cube trays. Instead you simply fire up the ice maker, either on your fridge or as a separate unit for all of the ice you need. Of course with new gadgets comes new potential gadget issues. Luckily, as with so many other household amenities our staff of Nassau County ice maker repair experts can help.

Do to the variety of parts in an ice maker isolating the problem can be incredibly difficult for the average consumer. Our experts understand a variety of devices including Marvel, Uline, Scotsman, Viking, Sub Zero, Miele, Thermador, and Whirlpool ice maker repair, there is hardly a model on the market we haven’t fixed. Whether your machine has a jam or an important is simply not making ice we can get things back on track in no time!

freezer repair in Nassau CountyOur Nassau County refrigerator repair experts understand a thing or two about your refrigerator and its freezer. If you are looking for ways to maximize efficiency and utilize your refrigerator’s freezer as much as possible we’ve got some great ideas for you. If you are looking for a Sub-Zero, Viking, or LG refrigerator repair just give us a call!

  • Unbaked Pies: By freezing a pie before baking you eliminate gooey bottom crusts because the inside is still thawing as the bottom crust begins to seriously bake. This also means that when the day comes for a fresh pie you might have one ready to go in just a short amount of time with no shopping.
  • Leftover Treats: Sure leftover treats might be rare but they aren’t impossible. A few stray cookies left out a little too long? Cereal sitting in the cabinet not being eaten? Bag those snacks up and use them as ice cream toppings or mix-ins later!
  • Fresh Herbs In Olive Oile: Fill an ice cube tray with all of your favorite herbs and then filly the individual pockets with olive oil. These are great for stews and all kinds of other cooking later on!

grill repair in Nassau CountyFor many people the grill is a place for meat and that is pretty much that. This is incredibly small minded. Worse still, if you are running in the house to prepare cooked vegetables on your stove your are burning through extra gas and costing yourself money. While our staff of Lynx, Viking, and DCS grill repair experts might not have the same taste as you and your family we know that anything you want to cook can be prepared on the grill this summer.

Whether you plan on frying, sauteing, or blanching your veggies and sides you can do so right on the grill. Simply separate your cooking meat from an area where you will place your sides. If you need a pan or pot you can simply place it on the grill rack. The heat will be every bit as effective as your stove top and it is already burning.

If you are looking to expand beyond meat check out our blog post from a few weeks ago where we explore some quirkier food for barbecues. Also, of course keep us in mind if you need any grill repair in Nassau County. Our experts can have you back in business before the first course is scheduled to hit the table!

Nassau Fridge RepairWhen all everything is in working order the fridge can keep food fresh and delicious. As a Nassau fridge repair company though we see a number of items occupying Long Island’s fridge shelves that should be reconsidered. We thought we would take some time to share the items that actually should not be kept in the refrigerator at all:

  • Bread: Do not call for a Sub-Zero refrigerator repair when the bread in your fridge gets dried out fast, it should not be in there. Leave what you plan to eat at room temperature and then freeze the rest of the loaf.
  • Garlic: Garlic can stay good for up to two months at room temperature.
  • Coffee: Keeping your coffee in the refrigerator can take away taste. No one wants that!
  • Tomatoes: Like a variety of other produce tomatoes belong at room temperature.
  • Onions: Do not put onions in the refrigerator. Instead store them in the pantry in the bag you purchased them in. That said, to avoid rotting keep them away from moisture packed potatoes.
  • Batteries: Not sure who started putting batteries in the fridge but the extra cold can actually kill a battery’s energy.
  • Nail Polish: Nail polish thickens in the cold, unless you like clumpy nails you better keep your polish at room temperature.

Nassau County Appliance RepairTo better serve our customers and community we have made the executive decision to revamp our website. While a Nassau County appliance repair website might not be the first place you go on the Internet for fun stuff like cat GIFs and lists of the best sitcoms of the 90′s it is a place you are going to want to be aware of.

By offering more information about the specific services we provide as well as the specific brands we have a particular expertise in we are making it easier to find and employ our services. Better still the new site can be easily viewed on your computer as well as a tablet or smart phone. Read up on our special accreditation as Viking appliance repair experts. Check out a list of the numerous brands our experts understand.  Learn about the wide variety of refrigerators we work on and our specific expertise on Sub Zero refrigerator repairs. You can even explore years of testimonials from customers who have been coming back to our company for over 68 years.

Please check out this new platform today. We are really happy with the results and our improved ability to help you with all of your Nassau appliance repair needs.