Simmer Pots

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September may nearly be over, but lingering summer temps may make it hard to get into the fall spirit. One simple–and powerful–way to switch up the mood of your home is with simmer pots. Simmer pots are “recipes” of basic, fragrant ingredients that are boiled on the stove. Unlike most recipes, simmer pots aren’t used to prepare food–their sole, decadent purpose is to produce a great aroma.




It’s no secret that scent can have a powerful pull on our emotions. That’s why luxury hotels invest big time in creating unique olfactory experiences for different rooms and locations. It’s also tied closely to memory, so recreating familiar scents can be incredibly comforting, and make a home feel like home, or more like a certain season or even holiday. Simmer pots use simple, pure ingredients, making them a great pick for anyone sensitive to the artificial components and petroleum of scented candles.

Want to get started? There are lots of simmer pot recipes available online, but you can’t really go wrong with these ingredients. Pick two or three, add to a saucepan full of water, bring to a slow boil a let simmer.


Top Simmer Pot Ingredients:

  • Anise
  • Apple Peel
  • Bay Leaves
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Cloves
  • Lavender
  • Nutmeg
  • Orange Rind
  • Pear Peel
  • Vanilla


Just make sure you keep an eye on your simmer pot, and be careful if you have kids around. If you’re having issues with stove burners that won’t start or have a strange odor, please contact us here!  


Washer-Dryer MaintenanceConsumers are always trying to understand how to get the most use out of appliances. Washing machines in particular require a certain amount of care to avoid upsetting the balance a variety of moving parts. When both electrical energy and running water are running through a major appliance it is easy to see how things might deteriorate. For owners of washing machines balancing keeping things running smoothly with an effective cleaning job is key. That is why we recommend high efficiency laundry detergent.

Normal laundry detergent can create an excess of suds that is difficult to rinse out of the washer itself and out of the clothes you are washing. Excessive suds on clothing can create discoloration and a general uncleanly look. For the washing machine those suds can turn into soap scum and other grime in the working pars of your washing machine. The long term toll it takes on a washing machine can be high and can require expensive repairs and replacement parts. High efficiency detergents manage this issue simply by creating less of these suds. In turn you get cleaner clothes, lower energy bills, and a longer life out of your washing machine.

Issues can still arise for washers but high efficiency detergent is just one excellent way to reduce those risks. If other concerns come up the expertise of our staff in handling Whirlpool washing machine repair, and repairs of other brands, is unmatched. Check our website for more information on extending the life of your washing machine!

Viking Grill RepairWith the summer in its last throes now might be a good time to think about prepping your barbecue for storage. Doing maintenance prior to a long period of dormancy is one of the best ways to preserve an appliance’s functionality long term. For barbecues which spend long periods of time exposed to the elements this is doubly true.

The best thing you can do for your barbecue prior to storage is giving it a good cleaning. Greasy buildup on a barbecue is often the cause of issues. In particular grease on burners can reduce the flow of gas and can make firing the grill up more difficult. If left for a few months that grease can be nearly impossible to remove.

When cleaning your barbecue test all of its functions. As you run those tests you might notice issues you had not previously. These issues can be easily fixed by simply calling in the grill repair expertise of American Repair Service. Our experts do encourage you to make necessary repairs prior to storing your grill. Leaving them unaddressed for that long period could make simple repairs a lot more difficult.

Viking Oven RepairSummer time and the living is easy, but not if you were hoping to prep a big dinner in your Viking oven. Turning on the oven can raise already scalding temperatures in your home making the kitchen into a steamy sauna. Even those of us cranking up the central air or keeping our homes cool with a heavy duty window unit air conditioner avoid the oven during the summer.

Luckily for most of us there are alternatives to the oven. Here are a few:

  • The Toaster Oven: A small toaster oven can be a real life saver when it comes to prepping frozen foods or even creating unique and easy to prepare meals. It also does not heat up a room the way your actual oven does.
  • Slow Cookers or Crock Pots: Slow cookers and crock pots are more popular than ever before. Making an amazing stew, chili, or a some smoky pulled pork is easy and fairly energy efficient with these devices.
  • Use Your Burners: Your stove’s top burners use less energy and create a more focused amount of heat, keeping things cool over the summer is easier if you make the most of those burners. Reheat food on a skillet or in a large pan!
  • Barbecue: There’s nothing you can do to raise the temperature in your backyard at this point. Why not firing up the grill this weekend instead of turning on the oven?

Appliance RepairWe like to think that brand loyalty has kept our business working for seven decades. Each day our experts shoot out across the Nassau County area repairing refrigerators, ovens, and so much more because residents in the area have trusted us for years. Our understanding of the appliance manufacturing brands that our customers are loyal to also keeps folks coming back.

For our part that brand loyalty cuts both ways for us as well. As a brand authorized Viking appliance repair brand we love that company for their superior craftsmanship and high quality products. The same cane be said of brands like General Electric, Thermador Oven Repair, and Miele. Each brand’s dedication to quality products makes identifying issues as they arise easier and repairing those issues far less complicated.

With each of these brands putting durability up as a necessary pursuit is a vital part of continued success. That emphasis on sustainability in the market is also something that we have instilled in each one of our experts. We do so by keeping training current and pushing our workers to be the best in the business. We appreciate the long term support of consumers in our area and look forward to keeping your appliances running smoothly for a long time coming.

Viking BarbecueFor most of us in Nassau County there is still a solid two months of barbecue season left, and we plan to enjoy every second of it. Still, there’s a chance that the wear of the summer is starting to come between you and your grill. You might be on a second tank of propane and perhaps the flames are not quite hitting their early spring peak these days. Now would be a perfect time for a little barbecue maintenance.

When we decide it is time to get the barbecue in tip-top shape the first step is always cleaning. We disconnect propane tanks and scrub down the grill from top to bottom. Often simply cleaning excessive grease off of the burners is exactly what your barbecue needed to get back on track.

If that does not get things working optimally check the propane tank. Upon reconnecting people often find that things have been jostled and disconnected throughout the summer.

If all else fails our barbecue repair experts can help. We have a full collection of parts and the training needed to repair all of the biggest names in barbecue!

Fridge RepairMaintaining a consistent temperature in your LG, Frigidaire, or General Electric refrigerator is generally easy but as units age and other variables come into play things can fluctuate.

Discovering temperature inconsistencies in your fridge can often come at the expense of groceries. Stray pieces of mold on perfectly good produce or cheese are a clear indicator that the temperature in your refrigerator has increased. These sudden increases can make food unsafe so discard anything questionable immediately.

If you notice this you can reach out to the refrigerator repair experts at American Repair Service, but you might also want to check a few things:

  • Check the Thermostat: Most of the time the dial on your refrigerator is positioned at the same temperature, optimally 35°F. Of course human error and the process of opening, closing, loading, and unloading the fridge can move that dial. Double check this before you panic.
  • Fresh Leftovers: Loading up the refrigerator with hot or even warm trays and Tupperware full of food will definitely raise the overall temperature. While the passing of a few hours should cool and normalize things sensitive foods like dairy might not hold up if things get too warm. Let your leftovers cool on a counter for a while before you load them into the fridge.
  • Open Space: Delaying a trip to the supermarket could actually raise the temperature of the fridge. Cold groceries loaded into your refrigerator help to cool each other. Meanwhile, vast open space makes the refrigerator’s engine have to work much harder. The result is a warmer refrigerator. Load all that empty space with containers filled with cool water to help cool things down.
  • Steamy Weather: If it’s hot outside(and lately it sure has been!) your refrigerator might be working a little harder than usual. The result is often an increase in temperature that could call for lowering the thermostat a few notches.

If you checked out each of these options and things still seem to warm for comfort give us a call, (516)997-5599!

Thermador Appliance RepairYou do not need a blog to tell you that it has been a hot summer. For many of us the warm weather offers an excuse to lounge around pool side or splay out in a hammock on a Sunday afternoon. Cranking up your ice maker to make some refreshing cocktails goes hand in hand with that kind of outdoor fun.

When we’re not offering ice maker repair throughout Nassau County here are some of our favorite summer cocktails:

  • Mai Tai: This blend of orange, lime, and rum offers nice summery sweetness with a kick!
  • Zombie Punch: Often served in elaborate and ornamental drinkware this complex drink is best mixed in a big batch. Perfect for a party!
  • Jet Pilot: The Jet Pilot is a great cocktail from the late 50’s. The combination of refreshing fruit, rum, and a splash of absinthe makes it a wholly unique experience.
  • Blue Hawaii: Incorporating pineapple juice and blue curacao this drink is a classic as much for its bright summery look as for its refreshing taste.
  • Champagne Punch: Combining champagne with a variety of fruits and fruit juices is almost always a good idea.

Appliance RepairKnowing when to rely on a washer-dryer repair expert versus simply throwing in the towel and buying a new machine is hard for even the most savvy consumer. This is true of all appliances. By and large the most important appliances in your home should last you a decade or more with proper maintenance, but at some point every consumer has to stop putting money into these machines and move on.

With retail moving online more and more many folks wonder if buying major appliances online is a good idea. As with all things online there are pluses and minuses. For many consumers making a large purchase like a new fridge or dishwasher is too stressful to do sight unseen. If you feel that way it continues to be best to go to a few different stores and talk to multiple sales reps before making a purchase. For a savvy online shopper though the key is checking multiple sites, exploring options like GroupOn, and keeping track of online “flash sales” that can offer unprecedented deals.

If you choose to order new appliances online it is important to install and run the unit early on. If issues arise you are going to want to send the appliance right back to take full advantage of the best possible return policy.

Before you do any of that your local appliance repair professionals at American Repair Service are ready to try and get your current appliance back in working order. Give us a call, (516)997-5599.

Dishwasher RepairEver find yourself in a heated debate over loading the dishwasher?

For many people developing the “perfect” methodology for loading up their dishwasher can become an obsession or worse a real sticking point in a relationship. In an effort to figure out the best way to load dishwashers and improve its products appliance manufacturer Bosch has launched a dishwasher loading challenge The game, which is played Tetris style, has already started generating some helpful hints:

  • Place cups and bowls at an angle to avoid water buildup.
  • Stack plates in size order and facing in the same direction.
  • Empty the bottom rack first to avoid dripping.
  • Don’t stack pans on top of each other.

The main takeaway is that dishwasher loading should not be random. Have a strategy and think about specifics.

Another theory debunked by the challenge was that dishes should be rinsed before washing. Simply scraping off residual food is actually all you should need to do before running the dishwasher. If you find dishes are not getting clean then it is important to reach out for assistance. Whether you are looking for Bosch or Whirlpool dishwasher repair, or any other brand for that matter, American Repair Service can help!