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grill repair in Long IslandPreparing a barbecue for the spring is important. There is a good chance that recent good weather has had you already draining out the last bit of gas from last season and firing up the grill already. If you need Viking or Lynx grill repair, call our experts. We can help get your barbecue running smoothly deep into the fall. That said we wanted to look at some things you can do before the season really gets underway to ensure a smooth run with limited Viking grill repair or Lynx grill maintenance.

  • Clean Your Grill: You should scrub the interior of your grill with a dry brush or sponge. As far as the outside some hot water and deep cleaners can take a lot of grease off the surface. Do not simply “burn off” grime.
  • Check the Gas: Check every area that gas is distributed from and to for leaks. You can do this by covering the tank, valves, and hoses with soap water and looking for bubbles. Check the gas levels in a tank by checking it with a gauge or comparing its weight using a simple bathroom scale.
  • Find Your Grill’s Hot Spots: Cover a grill with slices of white bread and run it. By inspecting these slices of bread you will find the areas that are cooking unevenly and those that are running hottest.

washer-dryer repairSome Long Islanders will take a broken clothes dryer in stride and setup a clothesline. Line drying clothes is an option for sure but with the relatively damp winter and no signs of that slowing down this spring and summer it might be misguided. When you really think about it calling in the expertise of our washer-dryer repair in Long Island can save you a lot of trouble.

Line drying takes time. While you save a small amount of money on your electric bill you lose time waiting to complete laundry day chores and getting clothes back where they belong. If you leave the house for a while as your clothes air dry you risk having your clothes stolen or simply carried away by a strong breeze. Those strong breezes have also resulted in a lot of much needed second wash cycles. Chances are you do not have time to wash and re-wash your clothes.

The convenience of a clothes dryer and the affordability of washer-dryer repairs are pretty much undeniable. You have a shorter dry time, capability of special cycles for delicates or heavy loads, fluffy warm clothes – and no advertising to the neighbots of your unmentionables.

Long Island stove repairCosts of everything seem to always be skyrocketing. For families in Long Island the increases in energy and food costs can be an incredible strain on your annual budgets. With no sign of those things going down in price any time soon many of us have to find other areas to cut back.

If you are trying to save gas or electricity being used by your stove there are three easy tips that can help prevent the necessity of stove repair in Long Island while saving you some money.

  • Metal Pots and Pans: If your cookware is clay it might be aesthetically pleasing but it is not a good conductor of heat. Leave the clay pots and pans as decorative pieces and do your cooking in cookware made out of stainless steel or other metals.
  • Cookware That Covers the Flame or Element: Using a pan smaller than the flame or element allows heat to escape around the pan. Use a pan or pot that fully covers whatever size flame or element you happen to be using.
  • Colorless or Blue Flames: The flames you are cooking with should be colorless or blue. A yellow or red flame indicates that incomplete burning is taking place and you might need some Long Island stove repair expertise.
  • Replace Failing Elements: If the electric coils for the burners or oven glow unevenly or have areas of damage that look melted, they are not working to full capacity and will need to run longer to reach proper cooking temperature. This can be easily remedied by calling on our experts for Long Island stove repair

washer-dryer repair in Long IslandFor most Long Islanders the washer and dryer set in our homes are well built by reputable manufacturers dedicated to making durable and efficient machines. Of course that does not guarantee you will never require washing machine repair or maintenance. It merely means that your appliance should last a long time as long as you treat it properly.

Part of that includes not taking certain unnecessary risks when using your washer and dryer. One risk that often creates a headache for homeowners is clothing that is labeled “dry clean only.” Those items can be easily damaged on even the softest cycle of a well made washing machine. No amount of Samsung appliance repair will fix a damaged suit. Do not take these kinds of risks.

Another thing to never do when washing clothes is use an excessive amount of detergent. Not only can extra detergent wash out your clothes or leave unsightly discoloration on them, over time it can gum up the machine itself creating a risk of mildew growth. In the same vein a costly and over aggressive heating cycle can be damaging to a clothes dryer and clothing. Avoid those.

While not doing the above will not protect you from ever needing some kind of washer-dryer repairs these tips will help your clothes and appliances last longer.

fridge repairIf you think your refrigerator is working fine but is maybe not as efficient as it could be you are probably right. Of course regular maintenance and Sub-Zero refrigerator repair are one kind of solution but there are other ways that you can make things run better as well.

Here are some tips from your favorite Long Island refrigerator repair experts to help make your fridge more efficient:

  • Vacuum the Back of the Fridge: Those coils in the back of your fridge help pull heat away from your fridge itself. Dust makes these work slower and makes the fridge use more energy.
  • Let Food Cool: Before putting something hot into your fridge let it cool. Hot food will raise the temperature of your fridge exponentially.
  • Cover Food: By limiting the moisture in moving around your fridge you allow your entire fridge to run more smoothly.
  • Check the Door Seal: The seal around the door of some refrigerators becomes ineffective over time. This is a great time to call us up for a replacement seal.
  • Add Water Bottles to Fill Space: Your fridge cannot cool empty air but will try very hard to do so. Adding a few water bottles to the biggest gaps in your fridge can improve its cooling ability nicely.

Highlighting our Long Island dishwasher repair service a few weeks back has us thinking about ways that we can all make these appliances run more efficiently. Even the best appliance brands can end up having problems but far too often we are called in for Samsung, LG, or Viking appliance repairs when some better habits would have avoided the call altogether. Here are some tips on running your dishwasher more efficiently and effectively:

  • Use the Correct Cycle: You might want to cut corners but it is best to use the proper levels when washing dishes. Lightly soiled dishes should not receive the maximum setting.
  • Do Not Overload: Overloading a dishwasher is one of the biggest problems. There is a limited amount of slots in those wracks for a reason. Use them as they are laid out to assure you do not need to run a second cycle.
  • Scrape Those Plates: While some go overboard by washing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, scraping off those food chunks is still incredibly important.
  • Make Sure Water Is Hot: Run the sink for a few seconds to warm up water before you get the dishwasher going. Hot water cleans and it takes a little while for the water to heat up.

Wolf stove repair

American Repair Service is Long Island’s leading Sub-Zero and Wolf appliance repair experts. So we were thrilled to discover those brand, industry leaders in refrigeration and cooking equipment, have once again announced their exciting Kitchen Design Contest. Encouraging design professionals world wide the contest intends to reward folks who create attractive and innovative kitchen designs that incorporate Sub-Zero and Wolf products.

The contest is a great opportunity for folks in the world to create something special while also possibly making some money. According to a press release the companies are “giving away more than $137,000 in cash prizes and over $270,000 in publicity and promotional value.”

For us at American Appliance Repair this seems like a prime opportunity for some design friendly Long Islanders to make their mark. Having seen a variety of local kitchens during our own Sub-Zero refrigerator repair excursions we know that some of the best designers in the world are right under our noses.

None the less this contest seemed worth pointing out. We love the work of these manufacturers and we know that they are already working for a number of our customers. That all said it is always worth reminding Long Islanders that if they have Sub-Zero refrigerator or Wolf stove repair needs feel free to give us a call!

One of the most common issues to occur with dishwashers is leaking. For far too many people this problem is seen as an inconvenience instead of an issue that needs to be dealt with. The results can often be water warping your kitchen floor and potentially damaging anything that sits beneath that floor. Whenever water is leaking consistently in your home water damage is possible. A dishwasher leak is no different.

Instead of coming up with temporary fixes to a permanent problem people should be more open to dishwasher repair in Long Island. More often than not a little skilled tightening of different parts of the dishwasher will result in quick repair and in turn a dry floor. There is no reason why you should continue using a broken dishwasher when a Long Island dishwasher repair is so readily available.

Leaks of course are not the limit of our Long Island dishwasher repair expertise. Instead our staff is equipped to handle nearly any issue that might arise with the vast majority of makes and models of dishwashers all in your home. Call us in to repair your dishwasher and you will preserve your warranty and get your appliance back in no time!

Appliance Safety Basics

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In general major appliances made by reputed manufacturers are very safe for in home use. Even as your clothes dryer is attached to gas, your stove spews flames, and everything runs on electricity there has been a lot of consideration made to ensure that these devices run without incident. Still, there are things to look out for with each and every one of these appliances that could make them unsafe and could leave your home and family in danger.

One of the most important things to pay attention for in your home is the smell of gas. A small of gas could call for some stove repair in Long Island or it might indicate there is an issue with your clothes dryer. These kinds of issues should be dealt with by professionals immediately should they arise.

Another issue that should be dealt with immediately is frayed wiring. Large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines use an immense amount of electricity. Any frayed wires create a huge risk of starting a fire and should be unplugged as soon as an issue is identified.

If these or any other issues arise our experts can help. We have a long track record of quality work on stove, washing machine, and refrigerator repair in Long Island.

washer-dryer repairWashing machines and clothes dryers can be incredibly sensitive pieces of equipment. Each has a variety of connections to your home’s gas, water, and electricity. As a result many of these large appliances need more consistent maintenance than refrigerators or ovens, for example. American Repair Service is trusted thanks to a long record of efficient and effective washer-dryer repair in Long Island. Of course these appliances can be preserved if you yourself just assure that certain things are in order prior to each use.

For both appliances it is important keep an eye on connections to the aforementioned gas, water, and electricity. Problems with connections are sure to reduce the effectiveness both appliances. It is also important to manage your laundry loads. An extremely large load should be washed and dried on appropriate settings and when those large loads come up it is worth considering splitting them up. For the dryer emptying the lint trap is key for the appliance working effectively. It is also vital to assuring that you do not start a fire in your home.

If these troubleshooting tips do not work then washer-dryer repairs have to be considered. No matter how small an issue may seem in the moment it is important to preserve the appliances. Buying new ones is a lot pricier than some basic maintenance.