Adjusting the Temperature of Your Fridge

December 18th, 2012 | Posted by TimD in Appliance Maintenance | Appliance Repair

sub zero refrigerator repairLast week we mentioned how an overloaded refrigerator could make for a warmer fridge. This is because certain items might block vents or fans meant for cooling the entire fridge and in turn, make the entire refrigerator warmer. As a result, that glass of soda you are pouring yourself might not be as cold as you were hoping.

With the holidays coming up, many people will be loading up their refrigerators for holiday gatherings and this might make all of our refrigerators warmer. Before you call for Sub Zero refrigerator repair at American Appliance Services, you can simply turn the temperature on the fridge itself down. A few degrees cooler and you will be getting the ultimate freshness, preserving the cold in the refrigerator.

You should be careful when turning down the temperature of your refrigerator. Food can freeze and then become dangerous to eat after thawing. This is true of meats and frozen foods. Be sure to closely monitor the temperature of your fridge as you are adjusting it. This will help keep your food both optimally cool and safe to eat. If all else fails, you can call us at American Repair Service and we will send a Viking refrigerator repair person right over.

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