Check Your Plugs

March 25th, 2013 | Posted by TimD in Appliance Repair | Repair Tips

appliance repair in long islandWe know that we are the people you go to for appliance repair in Long Island. We love our rarefied position and relish in the loyalty of our customers, not to mention their recommendations which have kept us growing for years. That said, we do not want to waste your time or money on unnecessary repairs that could be easily handled by you right now.

Before you call for SubZero refrigerator repair or KitchenAid oven repair, make sure the problem is not simply an oversight on you or a family member’s part.

The first thing we always ask you to check is whether the appliance is fully plugged in or not. In some cases an appliance may look plugged in, but a loose plug is not actually fully inserted in the wall. Simply unplug and once again plug in the appliance firmly to best check on this. Next we often ask customers to check their fuse box. Often a fuse will blow in our laundry room and we might not know it until we attempt to wash clothing.

In any case, we are ready to help if these tests prove to be unfruitful. Give us a call after inspecting, and we will shoot right over to see what is wrong.

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