Maintaining Warranties During Gas Range Repair

December 10th, 2013 | Posted by TimD in Appliance Maintenance | Repair Tips

Some Internet tutorials would have you believe that gas range repair can be done by novices. They will generally suggest that the only problem facing your gas range is a thorough cleaning. These tutorials will outline how to open up the top of your range and tinker with the inner workings in an effort to make the appliance work. They will not tell you that legally once you open up the lid of your gas range you are potentially voiding the manufacturer’s warranty agreement.

Whether or not you are confident in your own ability to perform a gas range repair, you must always consider the warranty when making the decision to go it alone. Many warranties on major appliances have clauses that require a full inspection before a unit is refurbished or replaced. If you choose to attempt a repair yourself, it will be clear to manufacturers. If an accredited Long Island appliance repair professional looks at the problem, on the other hand, you will have a receipt to keep your warranty agreement in tact.

Do not let your own curious nature and the encouragement of the faceless folks on the Internet influence you. Call a professional for gas range repair.

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